Prescription Drug Costs Are Driving Up California Health Care Premiums

Drug companies are continuing to raise prices with no accountability, causing the price of health care to increase for all.

Higher Drug Prices = Higher Premium Costs

Big Pharma hides its pricing tactics behind terms only a business school textbook author could love. RunawayRx is taking the mystery out of this jargon with a new campaign we’re calling Big Pharma DEBUNKED.
It’s no secret that Big Pharma hikes drug prices and games the system to keep them skyrocketing. What is lesser-known, though, are the meanings behind some common terms Big Pharma hides behind relating to their price hikes that drive up the cost of healthcare for everyone. To combat this, RunawayRx has launched a new campaign called Big Pharma DEBUNKED, which puts Big Pharma’s jargon in plain English.
The Big Pharma DEBUNKED campaign explains the real-world impacts Big Pharma’s pricing tactics have on healthcare costs overall – including for individuals, families, and employers.

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