Prescription Drug Costs Are Driving Up California Health Care Premiums

Drug companies are continuing to raise prices with no accountability, causing the price of health care to increase for all.

Higher Drug Prices = Higher Premium Costs

Prescription drugs are the second highest expense incurred by California’s health plans, but drug companies continue to raise prices – with no accountability. With bills continuing to be introduced at the Capitol that will do nothing to reign in high cost prescription drugs, prices will continue to increase, directly effecting health care and premium costs for employers, individuals, and families.
In Just One Year
  • More expensive specialty drugs accounted for just 1.5% of all prescriptions but made up 56.1% of health plan drug spending.

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Co-pays and deductible caps don’t address the biggest problem with the drug market: extremely inflated prices set by #BigPharma.


ICYMI: The annual New Year’s mass price hike from #BigPharma raised prices on 460 drugs across sectors, including HIV and breast cancer treatments.

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ICYMI: During the biggest overdose crisis in modern American history, nonprofits are struggling to afford Narcan, the most essential treatment for overdoses, due to #BigPharma price hikes.


In 2020, health plans covered 92.8% of the most expensive drugs across brand name, generic, and specialty drugs.