Prescription Drug Costs Are Driving Up California Health Care Premiums

Drug companies are continuing to raise prices with no accountability, causing the price of health care to increase for all.

Higher Drug Prices = Higher Premium Costs

RunawayRx is proud to announce the launch of its newest campaign effort, Big Pharma Grocers, the only grocery store whose everyday high prices answer the question, “What if Big Pharma set the prices of our household essentials using the same tactics they use to price their drugs?”
With the data we’ve compiled from the California Department of Health Care Access and Information’s quarterly prescription drug cost transparency reports, Big Pharma Grocers applies the same price increases to household essentials that Big Pharma applies to their medications. We use the same reasons too, including “a change in market dynamics” and sometimes, we give no reason at all.
At Big Pharma Grocers, items like milk, bread, eggs, and more are given a Big Pharma pricing makeover with pricing tactics that increase the cost of essential grocery items by up to 1,452%!

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Bayer’s settlement “emerged amid a wave of such allegations against many the largest drugmakers.” Other settlements:
🚩Biogen’s $900M settlement for paying kickbacks to physicians for an MS medicine.
🚩Novartis’s $678M settlement for “sham speaking events”
A new @HealthAffairs report shows that "donations made by pharmaceutical companies to independent patient assistance organizations...ultimately boosted their bottom lines." Now, we're not lawyers but this sounds like it shouldn't be legal.
“To motivate prescribing, Bayer illegally paid kickbacks to physicians … As a result, Medicare and Medicaid overpaid for the medicine.” Just the latest example of #BigPharma’s shady shenanigans. breaking laws and bilking taxpayers.
When charging egregiously high prices for medicines isn’t enough, #BigPharma donates money to charities that help Medicare recipients pay for the aforementioned high-priced drugs – leading to higher sales of their drugs, according to a new report.